Corporate Wellness

I’m impressed with how mission-driven the team at Population Services International (PSI) is. Employees, who self-identify as PSIers, often talk about Sara, the archetype of the consumer they serve in more than 50 countries. PSIers’ commitment consumer-empowered healthcare is leading the team to “reimagine healthcare to make it easier for Sara to live a healthy life and plan the family she desires.”

With such an inspiring mandate, I looked for ways to promote employee health in the workplace to ensure PSIers could continuously serve Sara well. I led my design process with two primary questions:

How can we make PSI the *healthiest* place to work?


How can we make sure everyone feels *included* in the fun?

These guides were meant to ensure the range of events would be inclusive, appealing to new hires as well as PSIers with decades of service.

I met with departments across the organization to solicit feedback for legacy events and crowdsource new ideas. Building on events that were already a part of the culture, I launched a 2017 calendar of events with the tagline, “Healthy Sara. Healthy us.” Together, the events enriched physical health, mental health and community health at HQ.

PSI Healthy Us banner

Many events were held at lunch time to accommodate parents that had to leave work on-time to care for their children. Some events focused on the individual, like massage and meditation, while others focused on the group, like making your own Vietnamese summer rolls for Asian American Heritage Month.

Tracking attendance numbers showed that 30% of HQ PSIers engaging with the event was the measure of strong participation.

PSI Healthy Us calendar.png

Here’s a summary of events:

Physical Health
  • Love Gloves Softball Team
  • Flow at Four Yoga
  • Water Challenge
  • First Day Fruit
  • Monday Massages
  • Bike to Work Day
Mental Health
  • Midday Meditation
  • Dogs at Dupont
  • Work from Home Days
  • Federal Holidays
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Break
  • Early Release Days
  • Summer Fridays
Community Health
  • Cocoa & Conversations
  • Winter Warm Ups
  • Coffee Chats
  • March Madness Brackets
  • Bring Your Kids to Work Day
  • Summer-Rita Fest
  • Washington Nationals Game
  • School Spirit Day
  • Halloween
  • Annual Holiday Party
Celebrating Diversity
  • Black History
  • Asian American Heritage
  • Hispanic Heritage
  • Pride
“Healthy Sara”
  • International Women’s Day — highlighting the work of the Family Planning & Reproductive Health team
  • TB Trivia — highlighting the work by the HIV/TB team
  • World Toilet Day — highlighting the work of the Malaria & Child Survival Department team
  • Art for AIDS Day — highlighting the work by the HIV/TB team