Local Service Day

In partnership with the Spark Ventures team, I designed an interactive experience for children ages 6-12 and their parents called Apple for Kids. This free community event was a gift from Spark to the Chicago community. Spark’s community partner, Chicago Youth Centers, hosted this event at ABC Polk Bros in North Lawndale. The goal of the event was to promote nutrition in such a fun way that given the choice between junk food and an apple, the child would choose an apple; and also to share how Spark Ventures serves children in Zambia and Nicaragua through nutrition, education and healthcare.

Spark Ventures—Zambian twins at home eating apples

Upon arriving, each child received a “passport” booklet to guide their participation in various activities, such as cooking applesauce; juicing apples with carrots and kale; tasting apple varieties; playing games to learn nutrition facts; playing bag toss; coloring; reading posters to learn about two children Spark serves; taking photos in a “head-in-the-hole” board; and tasting apples pies from our bake off contest. Over 50 volunteers and 200 participants enjoyed our Saturday street festival!

Our amazing committee secured over 1200 apples and 27 pies in donations. Special thanks to Gordon Food Services, Stanley’s, Mick Klug Farm and Stover Farms for apples; and to Delightful Pastries, Lovely’s, Bake Chicago, Bakers Square, Wolf’s Bakery, Oak Mill Bakery and Bang Bang Pie for apple pies.