National Awareness Event

In late 2008, I was introduced to a startup out of Stanford Graduate School of Business called Nuru International. The founder wanted to engage college students to bring awareness to the organization. We discussed launching a national event where students would carry buckets of water on their heads in solidarity with girls in rural Kenya who spend over three hours a day fetching water for their families. Given the timing of college semesters, I would have a scant 16 weeks to conjure up a network and to design, plan and execute a multisite event. Additionally, Nuru had only been working in Kenya for four months. They had a business plan and $450,000 in seed funding, but no reported impact and little brand presence. I was instantly intrigued. I took the challenge and hit the ground running, traveling to a new city each week to inspire students to join a cause they had never heard of and ask them to get their campus involved. The event—“Be Hope to Her”—came to life as volunteers at 11 universities recruited 900 participants and raised enough money to drill four wells in Kenya. In 2010, we expanded to 26 sites and 1,500 participants; and despite not officially hosting the event in 2011, 18 sites hosted an event that year. Several of Nuru’s committed supporters have since hosted additional events, carrying on the legacy of BH2O+.


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2009 Highlights

2010 Highlights